Vramsteg, from the Swedish framsteg (progress), is a CLI progress bar that can be used from any script language. It supports color, labels, percentage completion, elapsed time and estimates. It is used in our test suites.

  • git clone https://github.com/GothenburgBitFactory/vramsteg.git
  • brew install vramsteg
  • Demonstration


Vramsteg adds progress-bar capability to a script/program that otherwise does not have one. If a program has a lengthy iterative operation, it may benefit from using vramsteg, which provides these features:

  • Display, removes or leaves a progress bar on screen
  • Allows an arbitrary range to be represented (1-10, or 34-52, or 1-1000000)
  • Has color, monochrome, or colorless progress bars
  • Can display elapsed time
  • Can estimate remaining time
  • Configurable bar width
  • Can show a prefix label
  • Can show percentage completion

Command Usage

Vramsteg command usage