Vramsteg, from the Swedish framsteg (progress), is a CLI progress bar that can be used from any script language. It supports color, labels, percentage completion, elapsed time and estimates. It is used in our test suites.


Vramsteg adds progress-bar capability to a script/program that otherwise does not have one. If a program has a lengthy iterative operation, it may benefit from using vramsteg, which provides these features:

  • Display, removes or leaves a progress bar on screen
  • Allows an arbitrary range to be represented (1-10, or 34-52, or 1-1000000)
  • Has color, monochrome, or colorless progress bars
  • Can display elapsed time
  • Can estimate remaining time
  • Configurable bar width
  • Can show a prefix label
  • Can show percentage completion

Command Usage

Vramsteg command usage